14 Giugno 2024

Truffle in Tuscany

21-03-2023 16:23 - Experience
2 – 12 people

€95 / €115 / €150 / €250

1,5h – 2h

Always available

Italian, English

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Truffle Experience

The forest is a "sacred" place for truffle hunters. While walking in th woods one must feel "guests" and not "masters". During the pleasant walk in the woods with the truffle dogs, we will illustrate you all the various types of truffles present in Tuscany at different times of the year, their natural habitat, what to do to preserve it when they are extracted from the ground, the organoleptic qualities of the truffles, their cycle reproductive and - most importantly - how to recognize the difference
between a "true" high quality truffle compared to "false" (flavoured) products.

We will tell you stories and myths behind the truffle world. Those stories narrate superheroes (and superdogs). For example, that time the largest white truffle in the world was found in San Miniato.
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