14 Giugno 2024

Truffle Hunting and Tasting

21-03-2023 16:02 - Experience
2 – 30 people

Truffle hunt 60€ + tasting 70€ + pasta 80€ / All-inclusive 90€


Always available

Italian, English

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The tour starts from our shop located at our headquarters in Via Zara, 110 Loc. Corazzano, a small village in the beautiful countryside about 10 km from San Miniato. We take a walk in the woods with a truffle hunter and his dogs for about 1 hour and half. The tour is done all year round and, depending on the period, the search will take place in different places due to the diversity of the type of the truffle itself.

During the tour we explain how we train the dog and how our job depends exclusively on their sense of smell. After the tour we go back to the shop and explain how we use truffle in our products such as sauces, creams, oils etc…

While you taste our truffle products we will propose you a of wine from the San Miniato hills. It is possible to add a truffle-based lunch in an adjacent room during which we will explain you some of the ways of using truffles in the kitchen
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