14 Giugno 2024

Truffle hunt with lunch, tasting, or aperitif

24-08-2023 10:31 - Experience
2 – 20 people

starting from 60€

2 h – 4 h

Always available

Italian, English

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Upon your arrival, you will be welcomed into the world of truffles. You will get to know the master truffle hunter and his sweet and faithful truffle dogs, who are the real protagonists of this part of the experience.

You will accompany the truffle hunter and the dogs among the hills. You will closely observe the mechanism that lies behind the search for truffles and the magnificent relationship that is created between man's best friend and his master.

The Tuscan woods are rich in every variety of truffle: White Truffle, Bianchetto, Summer Black, Uncinato, and Pregiato Black. Depending on the season, it is possible to find one of the various types mentioned. But you should also please the appetite. At the end of the excursion, it will be time to taste the fruit of the research you can combine a lunch, a dinner, a tasting, or an aperitif in the renowned Casa Selektia gourmet restaurant, where you can savor the delicacies prepared by chef Enrico Menna.

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