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05-06-2023 09:15 - Truffle

Summer in San Miniato with the Black Truffle

Truffles have been traded in San Miniato for over a hundred years. Since 1969, the City has become the hosting town for truffle enthusiasts. In November, thousands of visitors crowd the city during the National Exhibition of the White Truffle of the San Miniato Hills. The hills of San Miniato are one of Europe's most significant and fruitful truffle-growing areas. This vast area has an irreproducible climatic, geological, and botanical combination where truffles grow with unmistakable olfactory and aromatic characteristics.

Every season has its truffle

From January to April Marzuolo Truffle, from May to September Black Truffle Scorzone, and from September to December White Truffle. Each month is dedicated to a different type of truffle. In summer, it is time for Scorzone Black Truffle. Here is where you can find in San Miniato waiting for the King of truffles, the White Truffle of San Miniato Hillside.


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