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Kites festival and flower market exhibition

20-04-2022 09:35 - What to visit

The Kite Festival is one of the oldest initiatives taking place in the historical city center of San Miniato. The lawn of the Federician fortress is the key place dedicated to kite launching. From here, starting from the rising huours of the day kites start flying in the mornign sky. The old Masters of San Miniato set up handcrafted kites built according to the old Tuscan tradition: river reeds dried in the open air, string, glue made with water and flour, wax or tissue paper. The festival has reached its 53rd year. It was born in 1968 by a citizen initiative. Its origins are linked to the Easter holiday. Easter Sunday was an occasion for religious gatherings dedicated to youngest people. The festivity includes an open air picnic by the Rocca with participants and amateurs of this hobby attracted in the handcrafted traditional kites.

During the day, three hot air balloons take off from Piazza del Duomo, each of them carry messages and poems written by the children. In addition to the initiative, an auction is realized with the collaboration of artists and painters who create their works of art on canvases in the shape of a kite. The works are auctioned and are truly a unique piece the hang up by one's home.

At the same time, the Flower Market Exhibition takes place which will make Piazza del Seminario a real garden, with nurseries and florists from all over Tuscany who will exhibit an infinite variety of flowers, with the possibility of buying them, without forgetting the antiques and handicrafts market which will take place in the historic center of the city from 9 to 19.

Among the organizers are the Popular Events Committee of San Miniato and the Pro Loco of San Miniato.
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