14 Giugno 2024

Hiking guided walk

18-03-2024 15:30 - Experience
2 – 15 people

€25 / €35

3h – 6h

Always available

Italian, English

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San Miniato Hiking Experiences

The hiking takes place in the surrounding area with views towards gentle fields dotted with silvery olive groves, vineyards, greenwood and country roads allowing you to admire breathtaking views and discover the fascinating local heritage. This area is well known by locals for the landscape, good food and the famous Tuber Magnatum Pico, the white truffle. San Miniato became famous in the past thanks to its strategic position and was as center of power and control of Tuscany. During the tour you will discover the locals history and traditions, the important of the landscape nearby the town and the processes behind the production of wine and extra virgin olive oil made by locals.

The Green Gold

Among the most famous status symbols of the Italian culture and lifestyle, this is an experience for those who wants understand and discover what’s behind the ancient history and the modern production of the renowned Extra Virgin Olive Oil. After a pleasent walk among hills, nature, history and silvery olive groves, you’ll visit a family-run olive oil mill with nearly half century of experience to see how they produce olive oil and taste their “Green Gold” with fresh bread handmade in San Miniato. Part of the walk takes place in the famous “Via Francigena”, one of the oldest and the most popular pilgrim itineraries in Europe.

All tours are available previous agreement with the organizer
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