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Guided tour of the historic center and Wine Tasting

21-03-2023 15:07 - Experience
2 – 20 people



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Guided tour of the historic center of San Miniato and Wine Tasting

When we observe San Miniato, we look at a piece of history. This city was born thousands of years ago. What we offer you with this experience is a beautiful visit to the famous alleys and palaces of the city centre to fully enjoy this small medieval village that still today emanates history, culture and legends.
San Miniato is a land of history and truffles, but of good wine too, so why not treat yourself to a wine tasting in one of the most famous wineries in our area? Our winemakers are very proud of their products and will be happy to take you on small guided tours through the vineyards that color our hills.
They will tell you stories of their family production which, generation after generation, continues to give us the best wine in Tuscany.
You will taste the finest wines comfortably seated and savor the typical experiences of our area. We are sure you will be fully satisfied, also because afterwards, you will be able to buy the wines that you liked the most, to take home with you as a tasty memory of our wonderful hills.

All tours are available previous agreement with the organizer
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