14 Giugno 2024

Birdwatching in to the wild

22-02-2023 09:26 - Experience
2 - 12 people

€120 half day; €180 full day excursion

3/4 hours half day; 6 hours full day

Always available

Italian, English, German

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Observing birds from season to season, a year-long journey to discover the richness of the San Miniato biodiversity!

The hike is a journet in nature with an expert guide whose focus are birds. The excursione will led you to the observation of the birds in their environments. The countryside surrounding the city of San Miniato and its historic city center guarantee a special habitats for many species of birds all year round. Many of them are migratory species, with the change of the seasons some leave and others arrive. The experience is particularly rich in spring and autumn when it is possible to wath passing species that stop for rest along their journeys.

The observations will be carried out with the help of a telescope and binoculars, which will allow to identify the species and know its characteristics. The activity takes place outdoors, in the San Miniato area.

All tours are available previous agreement with the organizer

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